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Celebrating Black Creatives: Jadae & JM Portraits

What inspires me as an artist, to simply put it, is life. 

Life has an interesting way of shaping what makes you the way that you are now.

The works that you see above are pieces that I’d done in my beginning years of my art career, when I started taking my craft more seriously. Each of them represent different phases of my life that hold a deeper meaning towards me; phases that you really wouldn’t know if you didn’t have a conversation with me.

The first painting is a portrait of my cousin in which I titled “insanity”. This was the first portrait I did where I actually believed that I had a gift, and that I should do something with that gift.

The Albert Einstein mural is the first human sized piece -- let alone, mural -- that I’ve painted. It's still on Malverne High School’s wall to date. This was done while I was still in high school, and I would go in-between class periods & lunch to work on it. It made me want to graduate high school early so I could go to art school and have my own business.

The one with Harriet in the mouth was the first oil painting I’d done. Joe Biden had wanted Harriet on the 20 dollar bill at one point, so I decided to paint her on one. She’s in the mouth because many people in society are money hungry. This was the first painting I had when I started to launch my business.

And the one with the angel is about a man who lost a female loved one & is praying for strength, along with the female figure comforting him in the spiritual realm. This painting was meant for someone missing their loved one, and to encourage them to keep going because that loved one is watching over them.

This piece was sold for $2,000 in less than 12 hours from launching it.

It touched me that my art can inspire and resonate with someone enough that they would buy it.


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