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Today Or Tomorrow - Single by Gīnā

The Recess Bell takes pride in celebrating creatives from all walks of life.

But, I can't lie. There are some creatives that deserve special attention.

TRB's very own Gīnā has been flooding the streets with excellent music over the past 2 years. It all started with her first ever drop, Rant, back on December 14th of 2022, a track that let off emotion so palpable that you could feel it through the speakers.

After this, she dropped her following single, Function, in August of 2023, and following that? The drop of her first EP, Perspective & Perception, a 6-track masterclass of mixed sounds and energies with strong lyrics and intense delivery.

Just as she did with her initial single, Rant, she again released another single on her December 14th birthday, this time a full calendar year later, with Losing You, a heartfelt, yet lively track that speaks to the soul.

A true test of an artist's skill is their ability to not only experiment with different sounds and rhythms, but to find a way to excel with each & every variance. It's not a skill that many musical artists know how to master, and if they ever do get to a point that they master that skill, it's a result of years and years of hard work. Gīnā, however, has seemingly done so before her 22nd birthday, and that's represented with her latest single, Today or Tomorrow, which dropped last week. It's as if this track is her way of announcing to the world that she's the last thing from a "one-trick pony."

It's a versatile track, for sure. You can vibe to it, you can dance to it, you can drive down the interstate to it, you can even watch the sun rise to it -- because like Gīnā sings, there's no guarantee that you'll see it again.

Listen below and enjoy! The track is out on all music streaming platforms. My only ask: make sure you resonate on the subtle-yet-powerful message of the song at the same time that you're bobbing your head along to it.


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