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Episode 13: Remember Blockbuster?

On the thirteenth episode of Film Real, it's time to go back in time. Before Netflix, Hulu, MAX, Paramount+ and the et ceteras... remember Blockbuster?

The episode definitely carries a nostalgic feel to it. Due to poor business decisions and management, Blockbusters not just around the country -- but the entire world -- have pretty much gone extinct.

An image of "The Last Blockbuster" in Bend, Oregon. In 2020, it officially became the world's last remaining store using the Blockbuster branding.

But the legacy has for sure lived on for everyone who remembers walking into those stores and browsing through production after production.

This episode also explains all the ways that Blockbuster was superior to the modern-day's ways of streaming. Listen below to found out the many reasons why.


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