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BackYard x Film Real: The Pro Wrestling Conversation, Parts 1 & 2!

When two projects collide!

The BackYard Podcast, which covers events in the sports world & features co-hosts Kory David & I, and the Film Real Podcast, which both discusses and reviews films & movies and is held down by Justin Greenberg -- both projects conjoined together to present a new Pro Wrestling series to The Recess Bell.

Vince McMahon, former chairman of the WWE.

IMAGE: Disgraced, now-former chairman and CEO of the WWE, Vince McMahon.

You simply cannot tell the story of American popular culture across this country's history (and other parts of the world, for that matter) without also telling the story of pro wrestling. That much was made extremely apparent to me by Justin and Kory; two pro wrestling super-fans whose enthusiasm and charisma about the industry is matched only by their supreme knowledge & expertise in it.

In Part 1 of this crossover episode, we ran through a range of topics, which include but are not limited to: Everyone's childhood memories of pro wrestling, its massive marketing machine, and some of the industry's controversies and tragedies, especially with the deaths and brutal fates of Chris Benoit & Owen Hart.

In Part 2 of our discussion, Justin gives a wrestling hot take that Kory wasn't all that receptive to, and the two exchange their lists of their personal top pro wrestlers of all-time over the industry's now-70+ year history. I also shared a possible theory of intersect between the heavily dramatized nature of WWE as we know it today, and what may become of the multiple major American pro sports leagues if sports gambling continues to consume sports at the accelerated rate that it's going now.

Also, with WWE chairman Vince McMahon's alleged crimes, wrongdoing and sexual deviancy, as detailed in a recent lawsuit -- is there any chance that his actions will derail the sport's future, or has the empire grown too large to kill?

Enjoy, and keep up with this series by subscribing below!


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