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Mission Statement

cre-a-tive (adj):

relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

(of a person) having good imagination or original ideas.



Think back to elementary school & junior high. After a rigorous morning filled with homework assignments, tests, classwork and the like, we ALL remember the sigh of relief, meshed with the rush of excitement, of hearing that bell.


The loud ringing that signified a momentary vacation from the school day. The ringing that signified a release out of stress and a spring-forward into doing whatever your heart desired for a set block of time.


For some, that desire was tossing a football around the field, dribbling the rock on the cement courts, or aimlessly running around the schoolyard for no rhyme or reason at all. Other kids' desires weren't to get active at all. Some would write or draw under the security of shade from the sun. Some would sing, rap, or commit their time to doing something musically centric. Some would play games on their phone or handheld console, and some would gossip endlessly about which celebrity did something dumb and/or controversial that day.


The point is: in adulthood, no matter the stage -- the responsibilities that we face on the daily can grow to be equal amounts daunting and nerve-wracking. The Recess Bell seeks to emphasize what we all need in our lives to achieve balance:




Through the art, media, podcasts, music, journalistic work and et cetera that will be displayed on this site, I hope that you consistently join us for recess -- taking a break out of your busy day and sharing in the great passion projects that we have to offer.



Joshua I. Umahi, founder

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