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Joshua I. Umahi

Long Island, NY

August 21, 1997

Joshua Umahi

Everyone has a story; a particularity about their journey that makes them, them. Mine is neither simple, nor complex. To keep it short, I have unique circumstances and adversities throughout my life to thank for shaping & molding me into the man I am.


There's a certain power that comes with consistently adapting and overcoming; a power we discover in ourselves in doing so, and that power deserves to be felt and owned by everyone. In my personal process of adaptation, from a kid exiting high school with little idea of what I wanted my career path to be, to a part-time student majoring in trial-and-error: I discovered my passion: in the Communications field.


With that being said, I don't know where I would be today if not for creativity. Life is stressful, that's obvious and overstated. Creativity offers a balance, a breath-of-fresh-air type freedom from the monotony of everyday life. The Recess Bell was created to inspire our collective creative, just as was routine when that bell would ring in the middle of the school day back in childhood, no matter where your individual interests lied.


That, is my mission.

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