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A Review of Drake's "Scary Hours 3"

Well, well, well...

It looks like the boy himself decided to drop an extended version of FATD, by giving us Scary Hours 3. I’m not sure what’s happening here but that’s why I chose to do this review; a lot is being said here. The 'For All The Dogs' -- Scary Hours Edition, was released a couple of weeks ago on November 17th, and it includes the third installment of Scary Hours, which has 6 songs.

If you’re a fan of Drake, by this point you would be familiar with the first Scary Hours installment, referring to the single, Diplomatic Immunity, from 2017 and Scary Hours 2 ,including the songs ‘’Whats Next’’, ‘’Wants and Needs’’ featuring artist Lil Baby, and ‘’Lemon Pepper Freestyle’’ featuring Rick Ross. We are met with, yet again, this ‘’I’m the biggest star known to man’’ music. We can’t be surprised at this point, right?

I will say though, you can leave it up to Drake to say some lines in a rhythmical, catchy way to grab our attention. You can also expect that he’s going to tell us how rich he is and how the status he attained cannot be matched. Is he wrong though? In ‘’Red Button’’, he mentions,

‘’Radio is king again, Billboard got me regulated, Wanna makе it fair for you, numbers that I generatеd, Do right and kill everything, people knew that death awaited’’.

Not only did the rapper cleverly and swiftly bring us back to his ‘’Thank Me Later’’ days, but he also mentions how rules are potentially being bent to make it fair for others. I just know other artists are stomping their feet; these same people refuse to release their work when Drake releases anything. It appears that Taylor Swift is the only one that will make him drop music a little later, but I’m afraid everyone else will just have to throw their tantrums. The rest of the song is him telling us how shit isn’t sweet and he can pull up to anywhere to demonstrate who’s really crazy.

Drake doesn’t seem like the type of guy to ‘’pull up’’, but he’ll tell us about his brother though.

I won’t lie, I was very pleased to hear Drake reference Joe Budden in the song ‘’Stories About My Brother’’ with the line:

‘’And niggas bound to slip eventually like they sent permission. Imagine us gettin' our validation from an ex-musician searchin' for recognition''.

If you recall, Joe Budden made comments about Drake’s FATD album, claiming that the 37 year old rapper should make music for people his age, but it’s clear that Drake seems to know what’s working best for him. Known for his story telling, it wasn’t shocking for us to see a 6 minute song, specifically ‘’The Shoe Fits’’. He expresses his thoughts on how people reacted to FATD by claiming he doesn’t know how to rap like that same old guy, and continues on to shame women who sell their bodies and fake gangstas. He then gives us songs ‘’Wick Man’’ and ‘’Evil Ways’’ to continue to boast and banter about how he can’t be touched. Another feature from the beloved J.Cole was heard on ‘’Evil Ways’’ and it makes sense why these two will be making numbers in the Big As The What? Tour. Lastly, you know Drake couldn’t leave us alone without another heart broken, ‘’woe is me’’ song, "You Broke My Heart’’. Do I really need to talk about this song? Just listen and see for yourselves; remember to have some wine out and the strength to fight the urge to text your ex.

Overall, even though parts of me is tired of Drake, as I’m sure we all are, I believe the third installment of Scary Hours was enjoyable.

Rating: 8/10


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