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A Review of Drake's "For All The Dogs"

If you’re wondering whether if it was for all the dogs or for all the bitches, we’re sure multiple people are sharing that same curiosity.

As you can imagine, Drake’s 8th studio album, ‘‘For All The Dogs’’, featuring 23 songs, had many fans and listeners excited when it was first announced, but some may be confused when comparing their expectations and what was released earlier this October. There were expectations for a more rebellious, rap forward album or at least a better album than the artist’s collaboration album with 21 Savage, ‘‘Her Loss’’, last year. Does anyone almost feel betrayed?

Although Drake sold 411k units his first week, showing us that fans are still tuning in, we are met with yet another ‘’woe is me’’ album with some playful but odd lyricism and stories of being hurt from rejection by women, being involved in monetary, gang or sex focused relationships and how he should be adored because of his rich and well known status. If it sells, it sells; but what are we really listening to? From lines such as ‘‘Whipped and chained you like American Slaves’’ in the artist’s lead single of the album, ‘Slime you Out’’, which features CTRL artist SZA, and ‘‘Feel like I'm bi 'cause you're one of the guys, girl’’ from "Members Only featuring beloved artist, PARTYNEXTDOOR, there’s just some sappy and repetitive stories and feelings being shared here.

The album has over 10 producers so you can only hope that the production was done well and it was. The production and features may be what’s saving this album if we’re being honest here. Artists such as Yeat, SZA, J.Cole, Bad Bunny, Sexyy Red, Chief Keef and more hopping on this album made it more slightly interesting and engaging. The album also had guest appearances from Snoop Dogg, Sade and George Clinton to make the album sound as if it’s being played on a smooth jazz radio, which sounds familiar to what was done on ‘‘Scorpion’’ from 2018.

Yeat’s feature on ‘‘IDGAF’’, not only gave him his first No.1 on the Billboard Global 200, but also raised a lot of social media coverage as people poked fun at the pair’s collaboration and the transitions of their verses. The production on this song almost sends you into a sci-fi realm, with Yeat crashing in making for a rough but ultimately quick transition into what is now fast-paced and lyrics about not giving a fuck. ‘‘Daylight’’ had a similar crashing transition from Tony Montana famous quotes to a dark heavy hitting instrumental, which Drake then precedes to gloat about shooting in broad daylight. I’m not sure how fitting it was to place his son, Adonis, at the end of the track to rap some bars of his own, but it’s nice to see Drake allowing his child to have fun, especially after hiding the world from him as claimed from the artist’s ‘‘Scorpion’’ album. J.Cole turned the heat up on Drake’s ‘‘First Person Shooter’’ as he raps and claims to be in the same leagues as Kendrick Lamar and Drake with lines such as ‘‘Love when they argue the hardest MC, is it K-Dot, is it Aubrey? or me?’’. Bad Bunny having already dropped his own album recently, also appearing on Drake’s ‘‘Gently’’ had the fans ready to dance while probably simultaneously wiping tears from their eyes after listening to other songs such as ‘Bahamas Promises’’, ‘‘Tried Our Best’’ and ‘‘Drew a Picasso’’.

Now, Drake, the soon to be 37 year-old artist, has been in the music industry for more than 10 years, creating extremely popular and award winning songs along with recently tying Michael Jackson’s record as the male solo artist with the most No.1’s in the Billboard’s Hot 100’s chart history. Of course, people are tuning in. Music moguls and critics want to see if Drake is still pushing and his main audience of fans currently between 20-30 years old will definitely press play. Drake is listened to by millions; we know many women love him and may particularly love this album because of the sappy, soothing, catchy and seducing flows of the artist’s voice but how much longer will the artist sing and rap spiteful and ‘‘you should’ve picked me’’ music? ‘‘I’m Him’’ music. What else?

Rating: 6.5/10


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