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The Black Creative

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered."

 -- Nelson Mandela

Often found in spaces

that aren't meant for black faces

the expectation to rise

and thrive still remains

Blessed is the one

who can channel their gifts

and shine bright

through the darkness and lights dim

brought on based on nothing else

but the color of their skin

and the size of their lips

their nose's bridge

microaggressions and veiled threats

all the rest

Strong is the one

that takes the risk on

of refusing to be reduced

to a pawn

in the systems that are set

in such a way that their peers

should fail and fall

Do you see the trend?

lines on a screen

can you find the meaning?

somewhere in the voices of those

who scream these words

in a world

that never listens nor hears

Bold is the one


embracing the challenge

stretching for the race

studying and testing

for the trials of

being twice as good

twice as diligent

twice as patient

twice as wise

twice as charming

twice as brave

and brash

and built

for half of the love

with no semblance of guilt

or ounce of shame

Ingenious is the one

that realizes their calling

and regardless of the world's games

impostor syndrome

and shame

tap into their beautiful minds

channeling pleasure or pain

to relentlessly

rigorously and




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