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Review of 21 Savage's 'American Dream'

So did y’all leave out red rum and knives for 21 Savage as his welcoming gift or what? 

21 Savage hasn’t dropped his own album since 'Savage Mode 2' back in 2020; it looks like he has returned and gave us an album titled 'American Dream' this past January.

I don’t know if you guys are tired of what he calls "murder music", but I think we are finally seeing him develop and perfect his craft, all while exploring and experimenting with R&B and becoming more open to selecting an array of different artists for features on his songs, such as Doja Cat, Burna Boy, and Summer Walker.  'American Dream' broke a record in rap music with the most first-week streams for a trap album in history. Let’s talk about this block ass music. 

First off, the advertising was hilarious; When Savage announced his film titled "American Dream: The 21 Savage Story", starring himself, Caleb McLaughlin and Donald Glover, in the beginning of January, I genuinely thought "wow, this is some weird ass casting, what the hell is this?"

He went as far as dropping a trailer for it. The trailer was his way of introducing one of the songs that we would later find on his  album. 21 Savage is seen rapping his song, "All Of Me", while the trailer shows us the story of 21 Savage with McLaughlin casted as Savage’s younger self and Glover casted as… well, it’s supposed to be Savage as a young adult, but he looked so misplaced in the entire video that I couldn’t take it seriously. As it turned out, the film was fake and was just made to promote the album (Thank God).

NOT* coming soon.

He also posted baby pictures of his features, such as the ones listed earlier, along with Young Thug, Lil Durk, Metro Boomin and more. At this point, we knew an album was going to be released, and we were then given Savage’s latest music.  

I hope you will understand what I’m about to say; it feels like this album is the older brother of "I am>I was".

You know when you’re at a fast food drive-thru and you’re asked: "Do you want just the burger or the combo?" Well, we just got the combo; It’s the same type of gangsta music but with more depth, especially with the features. Doja Cat definitely made her presence known on 'N.H.I.E'. I was randomly saying "ad-lib" for almost a week.

Savage mode was definitely turned on as we hear 'Dangerous' with Lil Durk; he proceeds to tell us how dangerous it was to mess with him and how rude this woman was, as Savage raps "this bitch got her outside clothes on my bed, you got some nerve little bitch my covers cost an arm and leg".

Savage definitely put some humor in this album, which is something I will always appreciate from an artist. This man made a bar about poop on the song, 'Pop Ur Shit', featuring Young Thug. I definitely had a "?" above my head when I first heard the line. I’m not quoting the poop bar here; my hands just won’t let me write that out -- but the song was an honorable mention, trust me.

Another honorable mention is 'Redrum'. If someone didn’t know who 21 Savage was, I think this is the song to show them.

I also loved the breaks we had from the gang violence, with 'Prove It' featuring Summer Walker and 'Dark Days' featuring Mariah The Scientist. These songs made me feel like I put the gun down on the dresser and picked up a glass of wine. Savage is definitely improving with "gangsta pain" music.  

Overall, I enjoyed the album; it was solid. I think Savage still has room to develop his talents even further and hopefully he continues to experiment. An American Dream, it was. 

Rating: 7.8/10


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