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ErikSincere Presents: Seventh Floor Mix

Born & raised in Queens, NY, I was always known as a shy person & remembered as a shy kid who stayed in the background and always read the room.

Touching upon talents like DJ'n or being an on-air personality would be surprising to anyone who met me before I enrolled into Nassau Community College.

Those who are close to me sensed the spark of creativity and passion within me, waiting for it to be unleashed. It wasn't until my late teens that I wanted to explore what the media industry was about, and dig deeper into music and sports.

From a young age, I found love in music whether it was '70s R&B or late '80s rap. You may ask, why am I listening to music that old?

Because it's good music.

In the car with my mother on the way to school, she'd always play '70s & '80s R&B. Then, being in the car with my father is what made me fall in love with late-'80s & '90s hip-hop.

Now, as far as being an on-air talent, I didn't think about it as a career path, or even something that I could do for fun. I gave it a try, though, as an opportunity was given to me to join 90.3 WHPC, and I found love with this field. I get to play and listen to music, and talk to listeners about silly things going on in the world, as well as speak on the sports I love through WHPC Sports Talk.

As I'm trying to get my foot into the music industry door now, I've decided to stop letting the days go by, and start using the things that I have in front of me to my advantage. I've decided to make my own way instead of waiting for someone to call me for an interview.

Seventh Floor Mix

My mixes, which will all be titled 'Seventh Floor Mixes' with different volumes, is something I've learned that I love to do.

I've been recording these mixes for almost three years now, but releasing them to the public has always been a fear I've had, but finally, I've decided to take on this fear head on.

One mix could be house music; another mix could be '90s hip-hop & R&B. I take after my father, as he used to make CDs for friends & family years ago. Now? He just simply records Serato mixes and sends them out to the same family and friends that ask.

I would love to attract every type of listener that I can, and I feel the best way to do so is through music. The fashion in which I express my emotions through my music is the most unique thing you'll get out of my mixes, as you will know how ErikSincere is feeling through each and every Seventh Floor Mix.


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