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New Podcast! "Healthy Habits"

For a lot of us, maintaining mental wellness consistently can feel like an arduous full-time job. Stress alone can make it such. But if you add in everything that is required to live healthy in both body and mind? Just the thought of all that can drive us away from putting the requisite amount of work in.

That's why relatable messages of encouragement are as important as they are. Mental health grapples can feel as isolating as solitary confinement; anything that can remind us that we're not alone in those issues is extremely valuable to the cause of mental health awareness.

Justin Greenberg of Film Real welcomes guest Alex Gross as they have a one-on-one discussion about mental health. They discussed their past struggles with it, as well as the importance of engaging in activities and actions that can alleviate those struggles; such as eating right, working out, and making use of healthy "thought outlets" such as journaling and attending therapy.

Listen below!

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