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Celebrating Black Creatives: ‘Unlinkable' By Lay

Growing up, the women who helped raise me always told me, "Talasia, the Women's intuition is strong".

I, of course, didn't understand what that meant at the age of eight, but surely started to grasp the meaning more as I reached my young adulthood years.

This poem is dedicated to my ladies who are homebodies at heart but wouldn't mind going out, and are fully aware of their surroundings. This poem is dedicated to my ladies that are lover girls. And, lastly, this poem is dedicated to my ladies whose momma ain't raise no fool.

Stay blessed


He said we should link

I said nahh we could be the opposite though

'Cause being unlinkable is my status quo

So yeah I'll turn down a link to Kick up my feet and watch my shows

'Cause as a fellow homebody

That's my comfort zone

And to keep it a buck I don't even know you

So l'm chucking the deuces up

You thought ya little rhymes, and your pick up lines

Would send chills down my spine and have me

Filled with heart eyes but

Dude you ain't worth my time

And now I'm wondering

When you think about linking me, is me being to die for the reason? Or are you just gonna ghost me like you do in every season

Like..Is us linking gonna put a diamond ring on my finger in the future years to come? Or Is it gonna lead me to be a single mother to your daughter or son? Nahh

But moral of the story is I just wanna know your true intentions

Give me a reason to believe you're what's missing in my life

I'm more than just one night

There's more to me than the you laying between my thighs

Like dude behave

Cause what I want from a Man is for us to Jump the broom

Have a toast of champagne

And in the next 20 plus years I want us to sing

"Do you know what today is? It's our Anniversary"


Are you here for fun and play or Do you really wanna stay?

And if you chose option A let me relay this message to you

Do all that playing with someone else

I'm unlinkable


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