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Break The Chain

mental: (adj) relating to the mind

-ity: (suffix) denoting a degree of a quality or condition

We've all heard the phrase:

"Hurt people hurt people."

It's truly one of life's nastiest patterns.

The youth get abused, and can grow up to become abusers of their own volition.

People can grow up in a toxic family environment, and carry that toxicity towards every avenue of their lives.

People in relationships can get cheated on by their partners, and go on to become serial cheaters in their proceeding relationships.

These are just select examples out of many I could choose from. It's unfortunate -- truly unfortunate -- how easy it is for us as human beings to become players in the same miseries we once fell victim to.

But we do have a choice to continue falling victim to these miseries or not, and that comes through the power of self-awareness. Yes, self-awareness is a superpower. We have to be aware and mindful of our projections, putting the same hurt that we suffered onto others.

You can make the choice to "break the chain" , and end the pattern of suffering by making sure that you, yourself, deal with your problems head-on, instead of projecting those problems onto innocent and unsuspecting people.

Generational curses can be broken. The cycle of abuse doesn't have to continue with you. It can end with you.

It can be tough to see & realize at first... but, yes.

The choice is actually yours.


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