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Be Challenged

mental: (adj) relating to the mind

-ity: (suffix) denoting a degree of a quality or condition

We're still at the beginning stages of 2024, now two months done. I would hope that the following has been the case in your life this year thus far, but if it hasn't been:

Let the remainder of 2024 be full of challenges.

Consistent challenges. Challenging yourself consistently is the pathway to experiencing the most exponential growth in our lives.

I shared a similar message in a previous audio podcast episode of mental-ity, titled "Don't Get Too Comfortable", available wherever you get your podcasts from.

Just as I stated earlier, if consistently challenging yourself is the main key to success, getting too comfortable is adversely the easiest way to stagnate ourselves. So, with that being said, I URGE you to challenge yourself in every conceivable way moving forward.

For example; if you struggle with & feel anxiety about opening yourself up in social situations, challenge yourself to go to a bar, Or, a cafe, or something along those lines. Place yourself out there.

Now, if you do struggle with anxiety or the like in settings like the aforementioned -- you're probably cringing at the thought on putting yourself out there as you read. But, hear this -- how else will you ever overcome an obstacle if you're not actively challenging yourself to do so?

The right challenges can open so many opportunities and joys up in your life.

Constantly challenging yourself keeps your life on a consistent, upward trajectory. That's just a fact.

So, challenge yourself at work, and find out if you could land that dream promotion if you apply yourself enough.

Challenge yourself in your studies, and say: instead of that bare minimum grade that you keep skating by on...

(yeah, yeah, I know. "C's get degrees" and all that.)

challenge yourself and say "I know I'm capable of an A. Let me shoot for that A -- maybe even a perfect grade!"

Challenge yourself at your gym, and find out if you can do that extra rep or two at the bench press. Or, those couple of extra pushups, or that one extra mile or half-mile on the treadmill.

Challenge yourself and finally muster up the courage to ask that person that you've had your eye on for weeks, months, or, God forbid, years, out on a date -- and realize that getting told no is NOT going to make you spontaneously combust into a pile of rubble and dust.

Most importantly: PLACE YOURSELF AROUND PEOPLE WHO CONSISTENTLY CHALLENGE YOU. I cannot stress that point enough.

There's a common phrase that's existed almost forever now, so I'm sure you've heard it before: "You are the company you keep."

If you're placing yourself around people that are frequently miserable, or spiritually & emotionally impotent, who gossip and moan and bitch and complain all day & every day... guess what? Unless you have self-discipline stronger than a monk, you're eventually going to take on all those nasty qualities as your own. It's inevitable.

So, again; spend your time -- your valuable, precious time throughout the remainder of 2024 -- with the people who are constantly & consistently encouraging you to be a better, more beautiful and more bountiful version of yourself. And if you DON'T have those people in your life as presently constructed...

challenge yourself to go out there and find them.

Is it easier said than done? Sure. But I promise you, it's not that difficult, and certainly not as difficult as your anxious thoughts are making it seem at this moment.

When you get out there and embrace the challenge of being a better you?

Trust and believe that your future self will thank you endlessly for it.


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