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The BackYard: Episodes 6-8!

Kory David and I got back on the mic for three more episodes of 'The BackYard' pod, and, as usual, we discussed a whole lot, in a wide range of sports & sports-adjacent topics.

Lavar Ball, former athlete and notable father of 3, came up in our discussion of the current landscape of NBA player relationships with the less-than-deal female dating pool.

The initial episode features a series of tangents, including Desus & Mero's breakup, why NYC controversially gives some non-black nationalities the 'N-word' pass, and why Lavar Ball might just be a prophet. As the topic of Travis Kelce (and Taylor Swift, of course) was brought up, we had a brief back-and-forth about who the greatest tight ends in NFL history are.

Then, we finally get to the topic of the AFC Championship that just was, and why Kory was so pissed off at the Chiefs' victory. We discuss what exactly went wrong for Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens in that game, and I think I was able to convince Kory on my belief that Pat Mahomes is "NFL Jordan".

The next episode moves on to the other Conference Championship game to take place last week, and we discussed if Lions head coach Dan Campbell was the reason that Detroit blew a 24-7 lead to San Francisco... or if Detroit is just simply cursed. And will the Lions be back next season?

Finally, we got to the topic of Steph Curry vs LeBron James, and just how incredible it is that these two are still renewing their rivalry and playing at a high level as the old heads in the NBA. This got me curious -- who's next when it comes to taking the torch from these two as the next great NBA player rivalry? Because, despite their incredible talents, it doesn't appear that Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid, the winners of the last 3 NBA MVP awards, seem to care all that much about the subject.


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