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Episodes 9-12 Out Now!

Just in time to close a wild month of February.

To open up, Kory David and I discussed the audacious "jumping" of Cam Newton at his own 7-v-7 camp, and just how impressive it was for Cam not only to resist being brought down to the ground by multiple attackers, but the fact that his top hat ain't move an inch in the whole process.

We then moved on to another former star QB that found themselves in headlines for unfortunate reasons -- the GOAT, Tom Brady, according to reports from "Page Six", reportedly accepted that his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen's affair with the infamous Jiu Jitsu instructor began years ago. And, who better to hear from on the matter, than... CTESPN's Antonio Brown?

The podcast unfortunately took a dark turn from here, as we couldn't ignore the latest lawsuit towards Diddy, which named Meek Mill and Usher into some question. The suit also alleges that Yung Miami, Yung Miami's cousin, and Cuba Gooding Jr. were involved in Diddy's depravity and criminality as well. Speaking of the aforementioned Meek; the idiot decided to take to Twitter/X of all places to defend his "manhood" amidst allegations of homosexual behavior. I decided to parse some of his most asinine posts one-by-one for an entire segment.

To close, we hit our NBA rundown. This included JJ Redick's brash comments toward his former coach with the Clippers & current coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, Doc Rivers, which spurred defensive responses from Patrick Beverley on Twitter/X & the "Pat Bev Pod", and... Doc's son, Austin Rivers, on ESPN. Who was in the right and wrong here? Then, we moved onto the NBA Mock Draft that now has LeBron James' son, Bronny James, as a second round pick in 2025 -- next year's draft. Is LeBron making things worse for his son by tweeting to his defense? And, more importantly, is Kory finally ready to admit that he was wrong about the undisputed soon-to-be NBA Rookie of The Year in Victor Wembanyama?

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