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Episode 3!

Episode 3 of The Recess Bell Show premiered live on YouTube on Super Bowl Sunday morning, February 11th, 2024. On this episode, we welcomed FOUR new guest host creatives, with Liam (liamisveryhungry), Destany (11xnine), Niki (nikimarie_radio), and Bri (bria.scolletive).

We previewed the Super Bowl to come between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, and the seemingly countless off-the-field storyline surrounding the game, including, yes, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Moving on, we discussed the past weekend's Grammy Awards, which featured its fair share of controversy, including Killer Mike's arrest promptly after winning three Grammys, Jay-Z's impassioned and raw acceptance speech with his daughter, Blue Ivy, by his side & with Bey looking on, and -- more Taylor Swift discourse! She won another Album of the Year award, and we discussed her "incident" with Celine Dion before giving her speech.

It was a busy week for NBC's Saturday Night Live; Emmy-award winner Ayo Edebiri hosted alongside musical artist Jennifer Lopez, and TMZ, in dramatic fashion, rehashed Ayo's harsh comments towards J-Lo in which she called Lopez' entire career as a scam.

That wasn't all for SNL drama -- After it was announced that Shane Gillis would return to the show to host after being fired from the show for repetitive use of racial slurs and epithets, TMZ struck again, dredging Gillis' inappropriate rant back up to the surface and, in doing so, brought NBC under fire.

And, yes, we made time to discuss the social media trauma dumping that Elmo (yes, Elmo) had to encounter last week. Did we have anything to dump on Elmo as well?

As you can see, the show's segments are available in podcast form, but you can catch the show's replay on YouTube below:


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