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FOR ANYBODY THAT IS TIRED OF ALWAYS BEING FED JUST MAINSTREAM MUSIC: Check out Hidden Gemz -- airing on 90.3 WHPC-FM on September 28th, 2023, and hosted by The Recess Bell's very own GĪNĀ -- for newly released music from up-and-coming Hip-Hop. R&B, and Pop artists, while also featuring some hits you may have missed.

Hidden Gemz: Interviews

These interviews will give up-and-coming artists a platform to tell you about their experiences and journey as an artist, as they climb & grind through the beginning stages of their careers. Through these interviews, we seek to put you on to refreshing, new music from new faces, and give you someone new to support in the music industry! These interviews will be in podcast form here on The Recess Bell & will be available wherever you get your podcasts from.

Show Playlists

Missed the show live and want to know which songs you missed? We got you covered. After each show, we'll drop the playlist of the songs featured right here on The Recess Bell -- you can find them by using the link below to the Hidden Gemz Journal.

The Socials

Keep up with Hidden Gemz not JUST here on The Recess Bell, but also on the show creator's IG: Follow @1andonlygina_ on Instagram to remain in the know. Also below: ginaontheradio on Soundcloud, where all the Hidden Gemz WHPC shows will be uploaded in FULL!

Service: Radio Edits!

Radio Editing

Getting your song cleaned, censored & ready for radio play.

Thank you!

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